1. How does Tensioned Fabric Structure help and what is it? Tensioned Fabric Structure is a useful technology that allows architects, designers, and engineers the chance to solve design problems in a very real way. They not only get a chance to see a visual effect but also create environment friendly and effective structures. When looking for an open area full of natural light fabric structures offer the best solution around. Depending on the material thickness you can achieve a translucency of 20 percent. The fresh air and natural light provided in these structures are un-compared and can increase productivity.

Another benefit of these structures is that you can use them for a short time period with an easy assembly or over a longer span of time. When looking at a fabric structure you can see that the frames themselves are made of metal with the material stretched over them. This causes a tension in the material that is not only durable but also a gratifying and durable structure. The stronger the fabric the more likely you are to find one that can give you a clear-span effect.

2. What is the materials used and the warranty you have? Each permanent structure has one of the following materials used.
PTFE - has a 10 year warranty and is made of polytetrafluorethylene glass fiber coated fabric.
PVDF - also has a 10 year warranty and is made from PVC coated polyester fabric.
HDPE - has a 5 years warranty and made of High Density Polythylene fabric

3. What about fires? The material used meets many of the specifications required by law and have a lower combustibility rate. One example is ASTM E-84- Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, NAPA-701, CSFM, AS1530.2 &3.

4. What is done to make each seem? High Frequency Welding is used to bring each piece together; this is not only an effective but also controlled way to guarantee quality. The only real difference between each piece is the actual size of the fabric used, the larger the fabric the thicker the seam.

5. Can I buy and have a kit sent overseas? Yes you can see a complete listing of all locations each Tensioned Fabric Structure can be shipped and exported to. Many locations include Australia , Europe, India , Indonesia , Singapore and UAE, including many other Asia countries.

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