Tensile Membrane Structures

With tensile fabric structures it is now possible to complement architecture of new generation with traditional buildings. Tensioned membrane material is considered to be the fifth best construction material after metal, stone, glass, and concrete. Solutions of architecture textile have been applied just recently in India, but it is very popular around the world. Its popularity is also growing in India as well. In the next few years, this construction technique will rule the Indian market, because it has so many benefits that no other construction technique can possibly provide.

So, we at Ekra DĂ©cor are devoted to provide the best quality structures in India and outside it. The wide range of structures that we specialize in is as follows: Tensile Outdoor Structures, Tensile Clamp, Tent tensile structure Tensile Structures, Stadium Tensile Structures, Landscape Tensile Structures, Shades Sails, Tensile Membrane Structures, Tensile Sheds, Swimming Pool Tensile structures, Polycarbonate Roofing Structures, Canvas Gazebo, and Swiss Cottage Tents etc.

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