Tensile Structures

Tensile Structures have just been introduced recently in the Indian market and yet it has been able to create a niche for itself in a very short span of time. These structures are just fabulous when it comes to ease of installation and it looks awesome. There are various ways in which these structures can be installed, few of these are; tensile structure india flexible exterior coverings, membrane structures, coverings for gardens, functions, parties, hotels, restaurants and bars. Other ways, in which these structures can be used, are for covering trade fair stands, shows, exhibitions, chapiteaux, circus tents and awnings. Ekra Decor Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer of this construction technology. We use tensile membrane structures that are prepared indigenously, using the latest technology. All the stages from development of design to the installation are completed by a staff of highly specialized engineers, who possess the right technical knowhow to complete such a tedious task.

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Tensile Fabric, Tensile Outdoor Structures, Tensile Clamp, Tent Tensile Structures, Stadium Tensile Structures, Landscape Tensile Structures, Shades Sails, Tensile Membrane Structures, and Tensile Sheds. We also offer a wide variety of Tensile Shades Sails, Cantilever Tensile Sheds, Shades Sails Structures, Shades Sails Sheds, Modular Tensile Sheds and Tensile Roofing.

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