Why Use Membrane Structure

Lower construction costs The weight of the fabric is one thirtieth (1/30 th ) of a conventional steel roof. A light weight roof of a membrane structure reduces the costs of the building's foundation and walls. Proper design and materials for membrane structures means a great reduction in construction costs.

Low energy costs Tensioned Fabric Structure Sdn Bhd's membrane structures have high sun-reflecting and low absorbency of sunlight, which greatly reduces the solar energy and heating that enters the structure. The translucency of the material produces a comfortable and natural light source and greatly reduces electrical energy costs because there is no need to use artificial lights during the day time.

Quicker construction The quicker your membrane structure can be completed, the less it will cost you for construction. When compared to a standard building, the savings in construction time and cost can be substantial. The membrane material is cut and joined in advance at the factory according to your design, so the installation is simple at the site, which reduces construction time, and cost, considerably.

Flexible creation of a large space Membrane structures can easily cover large spaces without internal supporting elements, translating to flexible designs and efficient use of all the space in your structure. These characteristics of the membrane material make it possible to produce a unique and original outer design of the structure.

Types of Membrane Structures

Applications of Membrane Structure

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